Becoming a VA Fiduciary

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Becoming a VA Fiduciary

How Do I Become a Fiduciary?

Submit a request to the VA regional office nearest you to become a fiduciary for a family member or friend. Include:

  • the beneficiary‘s name and VA file number, and
  • your name and contact information

To become a professional fiduciary, submit your resume with cover letter to the following e-mail address: Include your name, the name of your organization (if applicable), mailing address, and e-mail address with your request.

Prospective fiduciaries must undergo an investigation of their suitability to serve. This investigation includes:

  • a criminal background check,
  • review of your credit report,
  • personal interview, and
  • recommendations of character references.

VA will appoint a fiduciary to manage a beneficiary’s VA benefits only after a complete investigation.

Go here for a full description of the review process and the responsibilities of a fiduciary

Veterans lose the right to own firearms when they are assigned a VA fiduciary. If the veteran you will serve could still be a responsible gun owner and you wish to assist them in restoring that right, continue to our guide to the NICS Relief Program.


Last updated May 2018